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Yoga Inspiration

Dec 1, 2022

Holding space for those in pursuit of spiritual or psychological growth is not a path free from compassion fatigue yet we must look at how absorbing the pressure of the ‘pedestal’ is one of the catalysts for burnout.

But what if our teachers aren't really the ones leading the way? After all, personal epiphanies could not occur without the self, nor could they be delivered without spirit.

No matter what position you hold in society, you are always a student. Whether that humility is embraced with open arms or the universe offers a perfect storm for your awakening to the fact, life is not a game to complete. 

Besides, if we completed it, would anyone feel the call to guide and teach the rest of society to find the light that shines between these human experiences?

Even when we find the light, we face tests and, as many of us will admit, question whether our spiritual practices actually serve us.

From altruism to therapy disease, it’s time to dig deep.

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