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Yoga Inspiration

May 20, 2021

How many of you have felt uninspired to practice yoga during this pandemic? Without a class to go to or a teacher to talk with, it can be hard to get motivated to do just about anything, let alone exercise. 

I invited Scott to this special episode of Yoga Inspiration so we could share our experiences as yoga studio owners and teachers during the lockdown. I was lucky enough to already have an online channel when lockdown orders were issued, but Scott went from teaching morning Mysore classes in a rental space to figuring out Zoom in 72 hours. Many of us had to hit the ground running in 2020, and we’re still learning a lot along the way. 

Getting online turned out to be a more creative and collaborative experience than Scott anticipated, and he shares how his yoga teaching style evolved to meet the needs of yoga students who were now trapped at home. With the yoga community feeling uncertain and lonely, Scott found a way to create a new community that included mindfulness, philosophy, and most importantly - togetherness. 

Being together is what we’ve missed most during the pandemic. Teaching yoga online still gives us the opportunity to open up and share our space with our students and our community, but there’s nothing like being able to come together and practice yoga. That’s why we decided to get vaccinated, and we want to take this opportunity now on my podcast to discuss the COVID vaccine candidly and without judgment. 

Not everyone may agree with us, and there is no pressure from either myself or Scott for anyone to get vaccinated. But as yogis practicing ahimsa, we feel that getting vaccinated is the best way we can protect ourselves and our students from getting sick. It’s also our best chance at ending this lockdown as quickly and as safely as possible. 

Getting and staying healthy is our inspiration to practice yoga, and we discuss what that means to us now as lockdown restrictions are scheduled to be lifted across America and the UK. Scott shares tips for engaging with people online, and I share my experience setting limits and boundaries within a wellness community that may have differing definitions for what wellness means to them.

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