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Yoga Inspiration

Mar 28, 2024

The belief that one metaphorical door closing is the chance for another one to open couldn’t speak to Katy Scherer’s story more. When pregnancy placed a sudden limitation on her running career, a redirection emerged that she never expected; she traded laces for bare feet and the gravel beneath them for a yoga mat.

But this isn’t a conversation about life’s surprises, this is in fact an exploration of Katy’s wisdom of the breath. 

Her initiation into yoga offered incredible gifts of community and well-being, but it profoundly guided Katy towards a deeper connection to oneness and, ultimately, her journey of guiding others along the path of pranayama.

Through candid discussions on body awareness and the recognition of bodily limitations, this conversation explores the profound potential for self-discovery that lies within the practice of pranayama and breathwork. So join us - but not before taking a nourishingly deep inhale-exhale.


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