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Yoga Inspiration

Aug 24, 2023

Whether it is morally correct to pursue wealth, business, or even simply charging for services has perhaps been a question on many wellness practitioners mind. It's this question weaves its way throughout this episode as we explore both the philosophical and the practical side to running a spiritual business.

It’s improtant to acknowledge that this inner conflict is deeply rooted yet we must remember that there are two types of yogis - the one that takes monastic vows and the one who follows the householder path. The latter liberates us from the conflict and shows us that we can live life however we want - even seeking prosperity - so long as we remember our yogic principles.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy, though. Let’s dive into honest conversations about trial and error, building yourself a strong network, and shifting your focus away from ego with fellow yogi, Beatriz Yepes. 


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