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Yoga Inspiration

Oct 20, 2022

As yoga evolves, there's a risk of over-complication and self-centredness. In this episode, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, David Swenson, takes us on an exploration of yoga observations from almost 50 years of dedication. 

To him, what’s changed the most over the decades is the way people show up to yoga. For some there’s a drive to ‘complete it’ while others can be overly fixated on anatomy. Too much of this and we can be distracted from the basic yet powerful benefits of the practice.

But there’s also the beauty in watching yoga evolve. David has witnessed ashtanga branch off into different forms such as vinyasa and power yoga. So whether attitudes change or sequences morph into something new, the bottom line is that yoga evolves with the world around it. 

And that’s all fine–on one condition: we keep showing up to our mat and share the love we gain from our practice with the world. That’s our duty.

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