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Yoga Inspiration

Feb 3, 2022

Sometimes, we have to take it upon ourselves to seek out the instruction we need on this spiritual journey. When it comes to practicing meditation, I was never taught an official technique. The most technical instruction I received was “go ahead!” 

And, yes, we should all go ahead and practice sitting and meditating. However, it’s much easier said than done. We sit with distractions all day that can make it hard to meditate, especially with that small and convenient distraction device in your pocket. That’s why I sought a technique that can work for anyone who wishes to add meditation to their spiritual journey.

I practice with a traditional Buddhist meditation known as Anapanasati, which provides a universal anchor for self-awareness. This anchor is your breath. The in-going and out-going pattern of your breath makes meditation possible by giving your mind a strategy for blocking out distractions. 

The pattern of your in-going and out-going breath - anapana - gives your mind a smaller area to focus on, which sets the foundation for mindfulness practice - or sati

The practice of yoga requires mindfulness and awareness. Without it, the architecture of your practice starts to fall apart. To be aware means recognizing what is without judgment. This begins with your breath and acknowledging its quality - the temperature, the sound, the smell - without categorizing it. 

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