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Yoga Inspiration

Apr 15, 2021

Get situated and take a comfortable position for this meditation. Do your best to keep your posture to avoid as many distractions as possible. Without distractions, your mind can focus on your breath and you can start to cultivate the quality of concentration needed to achieve the quiet state of meditation.

Remember, your breath is the anchor during meditation. No matter what thoughts you have racing through your mind, acknowledge them once and let them go. Bring your attention back to the breath as it flows in and out.

The breath will draw your attention inward. 

Sometimes it can help to focus on certain points of the breath - the temperature, the speed, the way it may sound as it passes in and out of your nostrils. Focus on it, but don’t judge it. No breath is too hot or too cold, no one breathes too fast or too slow. There is no room for judgment here.

When you practice meditation, you are staking a claim of neutrality. You are agreeing not to pass judgment on the thoughts that pass through your mind. This is no easy feat, but this practice of neutrality is how we keep our minds steady.

Your breathing brings your mind back to you when it wanders. It can help to follow your breath through its entire cycle - from the first inhalation until you start to exhale, then back around again. This ongoing chain of breath after breath after breath prepares the mind and calms it for the meditative state.

Through your breath, you can start to tune into the neutral state of mind. This neutrality will set the foundation for the quality of concentration you need to meditate. Join me now for a lesson on breathing without judgment where you can begin to claim your seat of neutrality.

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