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Yoga Inspiration

Nov 19, 2020

Tune in now to this special episode of The Yoga Inspiration Podcast and learn how to use yoga as a life hack.

If you’ve ever heard of jailbreaking a phone, then you know what I mean by life hack. Yoga practice can open you up to a new life of infinite growth and inner peace by teaching your brain (and your body) new ways of thinking.

Your tendencies toward self-hatred and negative thinking are not permanent states of being. The operating system of your brain can be updated, and you can become a conscious creator of the thoughts that you think and the emotions you feel.

Ancient years ago, yoga practitioners in India developed the practice to understand the operating system of the human mind. I’m talking about the science and technology of yoga. Think of your body - the operating system we exist in - as a type of technology, and the language that we use as a kind of code.

Of course, the language of the mind is words. But what about the language of the body?

A vast majority of our communication happens with our bodies, and almost all of our body language is subconscious. You could think of your body as your subconscious mind, and your body speaks best when your mind is silent. 

Think about how quiet it is when you step onto your yoga mat. How that silence lets you step into and through your body with each asana... 

Communicating with your body is key to using yoga as a life hack, and there are key times of the day when your yoga practice will hit it just right - like first thing in the morning!

Learning how to communicate with your body is the easiest way to make some serious updates to your subconscious mind and the way you think about yourself and the world around you. I’m sharing more yoga life hacks in this podcast to inspire you with another reason to get on your mat this morning. 

Yoga has the power to change your brainwaves, and a few minutes on your mat every day is all you need to use yoga as a life hack. Practice with me today online at

Share the lessons you’ve learned on the yoga mat with me and my listeners! Send an email at and tell me - what does yoga mean to you? You could be invited to guest spot on The Yoga Inspiration Podcast with Kino MacGregor! 

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