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Yoga Inspiration

Nov 5, 2020

We’re all on a quest for truth. If you practice yoga, then you’ll recognize the term Satya, which means true essence or truthfulness. It is the goal of yoga to cultivate Satya, and I’m discussing this philosophy in order to bring some clarity to the modern concept of Universal Truth.

Satya is the ethical concept of the value of truthfulness. It’s considered a virtue of the yoga practice and it guides us on our everlong quest for truth. More importantly, Satya is the opposite of falsehood and delusion, and it helps govern the very operation of our universe. 

But what does truthfulness mean in our contemporary world? 

What we’re after are the answers to some of the deepest questions of life. The goal of yoga is to cultivate true knowingness and to understand what Satya means. 

Satya exists in our individual actions and thoughts, and it can influence the way we interact with one another. By practicing yoga, we can move on from our individual biased truths and into the universal truths of this reality. 

Universal truths - like gravity - are infallible. On the other hand, our individual truths are shaped by our experiences. They are often based on value judgments and opinions. We make most of these value judgments subconsciously, which can give people the power to take advantage of our relative truths.

What yoga is after is to find you a path out this relative truth through the practice of Satya. I share some ways to recognize your own biases in the echo chamber of our society and discuss the limits to the types of knowledge that yoga intends to teach you. 

It’s time to cultivate a path to knowledge and wisdom within ourselves. The yoga practice presents different ways to reach this knowledge and wisdom, and this universal kind of awareness is the kind of truth we’re after through Satya. It’s so much more than determining what’s true and what’s not. It’s time to connect with the universal truth of what is and contemplate the very nature of being.

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