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Yoga Inspiration

Nov 11, 2021

In this episode of Yoga Inspiration, I want to answer one of the most common questions and biggest worries yoga students have at all levels of practice: “How can I stay consistent in my practice?”

The truth is, the yoga practice will end up changing your whole lifestyle. Not overnight, but the practice will slowly become a part of your daily ritual, just like brushing your teeth. Yoga requires six days of asana practice and seven days of meditative practice. That is intimidating, to say the least.

So how do we do it? How can we stay committed to our practice?

The most important element to your yoga practice is consistency. Hitting your mat every day, practicing meditation every day — even if it’s just for five minutes before bed — and carrying the spiritual knowledge you gain on the mat into your daily life is key. Finding the inspiration to get there, however, gets more difficult the more you practice. 

When the honeymoon period of your yoga practice ends, the new challenge becomes how to trick the ego into continuing the practice. This is after you’ve seen brand new yoga students achieving asanas it took you a decade (or more) to practice. But while your conscious mind is looking for the next thing, it’s up to you to maintain your practice.

Patanjali famously tells us that we can practice for an entire lifetime and maybe learn something, one thing maybe. But the point isn’t necessarily the knowledge at the end of the universe. Instead, a consistent yoga routine will establish your practice on a firm ground that will make it impossible to break your consistency. To Patanjali, when we establish firm ground on the yoga mat, we will no longer be weathered by the storms of life. As a result, we can remain consistent in our practice and our lives.

Are you consistent in your practice? What obstacles sometimes challenge your consistency? When you feel the fire to practice dimming, it’s time to look within and ask yourself where these feelings are coming from.

Yoga practice is not intended to be a lesson in perfection. You don’t have to finish a vigorous series to have a good practice, but you do have to practice. So what’s stopping you from practicing today? 

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