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Yoga Inspiration

Nov 4, 2021

You probably recognize Lotta Sebzda from Instagram. Her posts and poses inspire yogis to continue their practice every day , but there’s more to this yogi than you see on social media. Lotta has been practicing yoga for over two decades, and she’s seen so many changes reverberate through our community.

Over her 23 years of practice — 15 of which she has spent teaching — she’s seen how social media and the internet make yoga more accessible. Both she and I remember what it was like seeing the third series for the first time and waiting patiently for our turn to learn the poses, but today yogis can find everything they need with a click of a finger. 

Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter make Ashtanga yoga more accessible, but it’s still important to seek out a yoga teacher you trust. 

Lotta’s biggest piece of advice for new students and those interested in the Ashtanga practice is to find a teacher who has been practicing Ashtanga for a long, long time. A teacher who knows the history of the path will bring you a more fulfilling practice by teaching you more than the asanas. 

As long as you’re curious, Lotta says, you’ll find the way. It is the student’s curiosity that leads to this deep relationship we have with our yoga teachers, and it’s what inspires many of us to keep teaching and keep practicing. If you are a yoga teacher, Lotta says to have faith in your students. They are on the mat, ready to learn, and this cycle of inspiring, learning, and teaching will continue to empower others with the confidence to step onto this path with us. 

If you don’t think Ashtanga yoga is for you, please tune in now. Lotta offers advice for yogis young and old on continuing to practice through injuries and old age.

Yoga students always tell her that they “can’t wait to be like her when they’re old,” and she finds inspiration in this. Anything that encourages you to continue to practice and to share this practice with others needs to be nurtured. As long as you practice where you are and continue to practice for as long as you want, your practice will grow with you.

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