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Yoga Inspiration

May 27, 2021

I truly love being a yoga teacher, but my most favorite space to be in is that of a yoga student. Harmony Slater is a fellow yoga teacher and forever student who continues to inspire me to learn in new and something ways. 

We are both practicing Ashtanga students who became yoga teachers, but that unique space where the student becomes the teacher can really change your perspective of the practice.

When Harmony first discovered yoga in her 20s, it was the first time she felt good inside of her own body. Many of us came to yoga to heal, whether it be physically or emotionally, and we discuss what it’s like to grow up struggling with body image and mental health. Yoga is an opportunity to feel at peace, and Harmony shares how using the practice as a spiritual tool helped her healing process. 

Harmony’s spiritual journey also stimulated her intellect, and she had opportunities to study in China and India. The more she learned about the intersection of philosophy and practice, the more her own perspectives were challenged. 

Luckily, yoga teaches us how to balance the duality of our world. The opposition of light and dark, masculine and feminine, internal and external all play together, and this is the kind of perspective Harmony brings to her practice. She describes it as bringing a kind of softness to the yoga mat that balances the inspirational flame that drives us to practice the asanas. 

We talk a lot about finding balance on the Yoga Inspiration Podcast, and Harmony’s upcoming workshop on OmStars dives into the goddess energy and how to balance the play of masculine and feminine in the yoga practice. I invite you all to try on a new perspective and practice yoga in a way that you may not have considered before. 

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