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Yoga Inspiration

Apr 29, 2021

Get comfortable, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Take in the presence of this moment and join me for a traditional Anapanasati meditation. The awareness of the inflowing and outflowing breath that we focus on in this meditative practice is meant to teach your mind to relax and achieve a state of equanimity. 

Pure awareness doesn’t come easily, but you can make the practice easier on yourself by focusing on a tiny part of your body, such as your nostrils, your lips, or any spot where the sensation of your breath makes contact with your skin. 

Take this moment now to observe your breath. Observe the way it sounds and the way it feels. There is no right way or wrong way to do this, but sometimes the old habits of the mind will start to take over and pass judgment. The technique of Anapanasati is not to control or judge the breath but to simply observe. So, if you hear your mind wandering off with its typical patterns, bring your awareness back to the breath as it is.

We are training the mind to observe things as they are without any attachment or aversion, or any of those things that feed these habits of the mind. Remain diligent here and don’t let your mind wander off into its own thoughts too far.

If this becomes difficult, remember that these thought patterns are only natural. Remind yourself that your breath changes just as often as your mind and your body change. We all evolve and grow, but the only thing that can remain constant is the state of equanimity we are trying to cultivate with our meditative practice. So take a deep breath and let’s get started.

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