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Yoga Inspiration

May 2, 2024

The first time we step onto a yoga mat is the first step on an unexpected journey towards transformation. As we immerse ourselves deeper, repeating movements and dedicating our energy, we witness a shift in our lives but more notably, we encounter the humanness of frustration, shame and blame. Yet, it is in these moments where yoga reveals its subtler spiritual layers offering us tools not just to perform but to persevere and transform.

These reflections, often sparked by realizing our teachers' humanity or our own limitations, might tempt us to stray from the path. Doubts can arise, shadows can appear more comforting, and the myth of perfection might seem like a shattered promise. However, embracing these human elements is not an admission of defeat but a deeper initiation into yoga's true purpose.

We must remember that advancing through series or mastering more complex poses doesn’t necessarily equate to spiritual progress. True advancement comes from recognizing that perfection is not the goal of yoga—embracing our humanity is. 


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