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Yoga Inspiration

Apr 4, 2024

Yoga does change your life if you tend to the practice every day. But is it compassionate enough to show up on the mat when your body is begging you for a break? 

You get to choose: you could show up to your Ashtanga practice once a week giving your everything or you could show up every day with just 50% - even 10% - of what you’ve got. With this decision, you get the invitation to reflect upon what brought you to Ashtanga in the first place. Because if spiritual transformation is what you seek, you must release the shackles of perfectionism and validation.

So let’s talk about this road to consistency and explore how samadhi greets you when you return every day with humility. After all, when we live in a world that’s conditioned us to want more, why not release the chase for applause for our impressive string of asanas?

Why not allow Ashtanga to bring us back down to earth - not just from the busyness of modern life, but to settle the ego?


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