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Yoga Inspiration

Jan 19, 2023

In conversation with Indu Arora, precious memories are shared about meeting her teachers for the first time. This moment not only changed her life because of the sacred knowledge she gained, but it marked the beginning of yoga.

Yoga can be thirty minutes of asanas or it can be the feeling of synchronicity with the rhythms of nature. If anything is true, it’s that yoga is everlasting. Yoga is a state of awareness.

As the discussion meanders between the modern misunderstanding of yoga and the fundamental philosophies, it becomes clear that the main hurdle with true understanding is our eagerness to dilute the message.

Yet, yoga is not something that can be endorsed, nor can it be forced upon someone. In this case, the most challenging obstacle between ourselves and real understanding is our individual readiness for the truth. After all, who said yoga was easy?

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