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Yoga Inspiration

Jan 5, 2023

Join this relaxed conversation with Harmony Slater and Russell Case who are the brilliant hosts of Finding Harmony podcast and my long-time friends. This catch up explores generational scars, the evolution of yoga teaching, and even dips into those hedonistic NYC days in the early 2000s.

That was a time before either one of us had fully committed to a path of yoga and spirituality yet it marked a pivotal point as a 20-something who was on a vastly different path. 

In this episode, I openly discuss that former self along with the conversations I had to have with my parents and the way this new path transformed me mentally, physically and spiritually (witnessed first hand by Harmony and Russell).

But not only that, we explore this present day and talk over 1:30 AM meditations, the discipline of writing and publishing a book, asana accessibility, veganism and so much more. 

Enjoy this joyful catch up between old friends.

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