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Yoga Inspiration

Dec 8, 2022

How often do we realise we’re wrong in the moment? It can take time and perspective to gain a well-rounded picture of any issue we’re confronted with no matter how sure we feel in the moment. Yet, despite this, communication is a skill so many of us are in constant battle with.

In this episode, mediator and coach Mia Forbes shares her communication wisdom shining light on self esteem, trauma and ego. It’s factors like these that create this dysfunction where everyone is talking but no one is listening. 

And while we learn that it’s completely human to get entangled with our past, emotions and, quite simply, desire to be right, Mia shows us how even that can be positively inverted. She encourages the idea that our ego protects us from overwhelm.

With this knowledge, we can afford ourselves time and space to see beyond our unique lens and resist placing blame. No matter how innocent our intentions are, we must know this is the case for most people.

We’re all trying to do our best. So what if healthy communication is simply finding compassion?

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