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Yoga Inspiration

Sep 29, 2022

Consider how freely you practise yoga, ride your bicycle in the sunshine, or smash a workout for an endorphin hit. What happens when all of these activities are taken away from you?

The sad reality is that this is happening in our world. Kino talks with Maryam, an Iranian who emigrated from her home country in 2018, about the quality of life in Iran. More specifically, the country’s unrest regarding women’s rights - a backlash to the tragic death of Mahsa Amini. 

Myram discusses how she found solace in her online yoga practice during difficult times and sympathises with her fellow Iranians stuck in the country where the internet has been prohibited and most outdoor exercises banned (to name a few restrictions). 

In this episode, Kino and Myram also observe how yogis appear to lead from a place of love. It’s that love which is crucial to understanding these devastating times. They emphasise how important it is to separate religion from an oppressive government. 

Let’s exercise discernment, love, and empathy for nuanced situations. Let’s keep nurturing our love for ourselves on the mat so that we can keep sharing love with the world around us.  

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