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Yoga Inspiration

Mar 24, 2022

Susanna Barkataki is a fantastic storyteller, and she uses her gift to share the origin culture of yoga with our community. She and I have discussed intersectionality and cultural appropriation in the yoga classroom before, and we share more ways yogis can connect with the culture of our practice with one of the most vibrant spring holidays — Holi.

The ancient celebration of Holi honors the blossoming of a new spring and renewed love. It gives people a chance to reconnect with the ones they love and repair bridges with those they’ve lost. It’s a holiday of rebirth and renewal, where we burn away old habits and impurities to make way for the better version of ourselves we’ve been working toward.

You may recognize Holi by the vibrant colors. If you’ve played Holi before, you’ve come out covered in the bright pinks, yellows, and blues that feel like spring. But the story of Holi is much more than a playful game. Of course, play is integral to the story, but Susanna shares what the colors truly represent and how the ashes of the purging fire are what inspire the new growth from the old. 

We both share our experiences living in India during Holi and what it means to show up today and stay true to the origin culture. Each of us has our own rituals of renewal, and we share the unique Holi celebrations we have with friends and family.

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