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Yoga Inspiration

Feb 24, 2022

Being a yoga teacher, I get to see so many different bodies doing the practice. Yoga is for everyone, regardless of what you may see on Instagram or YouTube. The balance and harmony of your yoga practice are not meant to be uniform -- your asanas will not look like everyone else’s, and that’s okay.

It’s very important to recognize the idea that balance and harmony do not mean uniformity on this journey. Your yoga practice is intended to inspire a better relationship with your body and teach you how to harmonize yourself with the practice, not the other way around. 

For example, many yoga students mistake asanas for a competition. But this isn’t about who can get into a headstand first. Instead, it’s about finding the balance between yourself and the pose that inspires harmony. But modifying the asanas for your body doesn’t mean you failed at yoga.

Too often, we measure our successes by how much we’ve won. But remember -- yoga isn’t a competition. It’s not about winning. The practice teaches us patience and kindness as we face challenges both on and off the mat, and the true definition of balance and harmony comes from the inner peace you cultivate within yourself and how you cultivate that harmony in the world around you. 

I invite you to challenge your way of thinking about your body and individual practice. It’s time we find a new balance between the community and our own spiritual commitments.

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