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Yoga Inspiration

Feb 17, 2022

Yoga practice is wonderful. It’s wonderful for the body, it’s wonderful for the soul, but yoga is a challenge. No one ever said it would be easy to retrain the mind and the body. But that is exactly what this practice does -- yoga retrains our minds to create more authentic experiences of reality.

Before yoga, your reality existed within a tiny box of possibility. You may have assumed your box of possibility was limited. Perhaps you thought you could never do a handstand, or maybe you thought you would never do a backbend. But yoga challenged that reality and inspired you to challenge the way you think about yourself. 

Challenging how you perceive yourself and your reality is what Patanjali called viveka-khyati, or discriminative discernment. When we can discern our reality, we can see what truly is without the story we tell ourselves. I invite you to think of the moments on your yoga journey when the practice challenged your box of possibility, and I share examples from my own practice. To succeed, we must be willing to learn to recognize our limitations and question them. 

When you start this journey, your experience will challenge the internal roadmap you use to navigate reality. Lucky for us, as yogis, we have many teachers and mentors who have journeyed this path before us. They’ve burned through the flames of this challenge and are lighting the path ahead of us now. 

The key thing to remember about yoga is that the practice itself is proof that you can do it. It’s been done for thousands of generations before you. And, as you continue on your journey, you will continue to inspire others to step on the mat and take up the practice after you.

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