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Yoga Inspiration

Jan 20, 2022

Join me for a metta practice in gratitude. Giving thanks on your spiritual journey is important. It’s important to recognize your yoga teachers (and their teachers before them) for helping you uncover these gifts, and it’s important to be gracious to the path itself for offering these gifts to us.

So, get into a comfortable position and relax. Notice your breath and allow it to overwhelm your senses. Pay attention to where your breath makes contact with your body and follow it through your body and the entire length of the exhalation. Feel your breath flow out into the world before pulling it back in again.

This to-and-fro energy of your breath eases your mind and allows you to fully experience the practice of metta and awareness. This level of acute awareness is essential to your yoga journey. More than the asanas, this meditative practice soothes your mind and body and unites the two.

When you find a quiet moment, I will ask you to give thanks. Give thanks for all the spiritual gifts you received on this journey, and show gratitude for all the gifts that are to come. This gratitude inspires love, and you can feel that love in your heart space. Feel that love fill up the space around us. We are all sharing this space and this experience, and I thank you for sharing this moment with me right now. 

Let this feeling of love flourish within you and empower your thoughts and feelings. If you’re facing a hurdle right now, realize you don’t need to find a solution to your problem right away. But you can use this energy to inspire more positive thoughts and thinking.

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