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Yoga Inspiration

Jan 13, 2022

Ro Averin, founder of the UNLRN PRJCT, will be moderating our Ashtanga Intersections Panel — hear from them now on this special episode of the Yoga Inspiration Podcast!

Ro has always been drawn to the deeper purpose of teaching and healing, and she discovered yoga at a young age. But you never know where your path can lead you. Ro’s path has taken her on many journeys through academia and across the globe — from Turtle Island in Canada, to graduate school in the United States, to her current position in Norway (near the Arctic Circle). Her work explores race theory, queer theory, intersectionality, and feminism, and how it all works together in social work and the process of unlearning. 

One of the biggest hurdles in her career was finding a way to put all of this knowledge and experience into practice. She started in diversity and inclusion programs at universities but wanted something beyond what she calls “the academy.” Ro wanted a way to bring what she knows back into her community, and she was inspired to create the UNLRN PRJCT.

What does it mean to unlearn? Ro defines this and more of the words and phrases you may be seeing on social media. It’s important to understand what these words mean and how the language we’re using changes and evolves with the needs of our society.

Ro describes unlearning as a multi-pronged process of identifying the selective information and versions of history we’ve learned and making a conscious decision to question this education and seek out more knowledge. It isn’t easy to rewire our brains to think differently about ourselves and our history, but it’s a process many yoga practitioners are familiar with.

Sitting with the uncomfortable, re-learning what we think we know about our minds and our bodies, these are all elements of our yoga practice. Just as you practice holding yourself accountable on the yoga mat, you must practice holding yourself accountable for the role you play in your community. 

The process of unlearning is never done, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. We can sustain the positive changes we’ve been making, but the work is never over. You just have to learn a different way of measuring your success. If you want to learn how to start the unlearning process, get in touch with Ro online at or email them at

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