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Yoga Inspiration

Dec 23, 2021

If you live in the Florida area or plan on visiting, stop by and take a class at Pineapple Yoga. I had the pleasure of teaching and having a talk with the yoga students there about Ashtanga yoga, and I share some of the lessons I’ve learned that are real for me and other students practicing Ashtanga.

The uniqueness of the Ashtanga practice is not the asanas, which are the same every time you step onto the mat. But it’s your unique, individual practice that turns yoga into one of the best mirrors you can shine on yourself. Many people have a negative reaction to the practice at first because this mirror highlights the parts of ourselves we don’t always want to see. But if you can face yourself on the yoga mat, you can overcome the obstacles within your body and mind.

The biggest hurdles we all face in our practice are failure, boredom, and fear. I share how these hurdles can manifest differently for each of us, and how yoga is designed as a tool to help overcome them. For example, not doing well and failing at an asana is a bruise to the ego, but we practice yoga to break down our ego.

Yoga teaches us how to step out of our minds, reunite with our bodies, and overcome the egotistical cycle of thinking. You have to step into your own skin every time you step onto the mat, and we use the tool of asana to bring our mind off its bullet train of thought and back into the body. 

If you’re facing a difficult moment on the yoga mat, only yoga will help you through. Giving up just ensures that the difficulty will remain there until you pick up your practice again and start chipping away at it. To overcome these obstacles, we have to practice properly and persistently. Listen now to learn how to start a habitual Ashtanga yoga practice, the benefits of practicing yoga persistently, and more with my Q&A session at Pineapple Yoga.

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