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Yoga Inspiration

Dec 24, 2020

Yoga is here to change the very foundation of the way you think. But that can only start when you change the way you inhabit your body. Join me in this episode for a special dose of daily yoga inspiration. 

This special meditative practice will open your heart and change the way you look at yourself.

The society we live in teaches us to toughen up and put on a happy face. But the longer we live in society, the more we become hardened to the ways of society, and it’s hard to let go of that, even as we practice yoga. 

Yet the practice of yoga is designed to break this facade and give us a moment to establish a powerful emotional link with our bodies.

The body is the home of your spirit while you are on this earth, and it’s important to understand the value of your body. This value extends beyond the shape and size of your body. Yoga reaches into the very space you inhabit.

If you’ve ever felt ashamed of yourself, at yoga practice or elsewhere, then you understand what it feels like to judge your own presence. It’s important to feel your presence and tune into yourself without any judgments or desires. This pure act of feeling and awareness is where we begin our practice.

With today’s practice, I’m asking you to open your heart to the idea of self-love and acceptance. Listen today and consider these three things as you practice along with me:

  1. Think about the space of the physical body without judgment. If it hurts, let it hurt. 
  2. Experience the inner body, the space beneath the skin and thoughts of your conscious mind.
  3. Experience the space around your body and feel the space you physically inhabit. 

Open your heart and share the lessons you’ve learned on the yoga mat with me and my listeners. Send an email at and tell me - what does yoga mean to you? You could be invited to guest spot on The Yoga Inspiration Podcast with Kino MacGregor! 

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